Altered Odysseys is interested in showcasing ways in which the actual words or physical pages of Homer's Odyssey can be re-worked to create new pieces. Our focus is on the re-use or re-purposing of the material components of the text rather than on poems or stories re-telling or prompted by the Odyssey.

Here are some approaches to text alteration that inspired the project:
Nets by Jen Bervin, treating Shakespeare's sonnets

A Little White Shadow by Mary Ruefle:  two pages at the Poetry Foundation; a review by Douglas Luman at the Found Poetry Review with some images of pages; and some other page views at the publisher, Wave Books

Austin Kleon's newspaper blackout poems

A Humument by Tom Phillips

Radi Os by Ronald Johnson, discussed in this Denver Quarterly essay by Erik Anderson

...and other examples and techniques found online by using "altered text" as the search term.